July & August birthdays 4015

The summer has reached its peak in Barchester and Levi Lind celebrates his first birthday ever right in the middle of a heat wave.

He’s inherited a lot of his appearance from his dad but you can definitely see traces of Petra there, too.

After a long, long road towards becoming a mother, Emily Hansen finally gives birth. It’s almost felt like a mythical event that will never actually happen outside of her dreams, so when she checks in to the hospital to prepare for her planned C-section, Kent has to remind her a couple of times that they will meet their babies in just a little while.

Their babies. Their babies.

Maeve comes first, one minute and forty seconds ahead and Kent points out that she will always treasure that story and use it to her advantage later in life.

Her sister Vera might have some objections about that, however.

Emily and the babies will stay at the hospital for a couple of days, but everybody is doing well and back home Sienna can’t wait to meet her new baby sisters. Samuel is coming around too, though he’s not as openly excited as his twin sister.

In Barchester City, Theresa Ceder has made room in her two bedroom flat for her partner Martha Wester to move in. The couple has been dating for some time and now they see no real reason not to live together full time. Jonathan, Theresa’s son, has grown up with a single mother and it will take some getting used to having not only two mothers but a father as well.

Martha has left the house to her youngest son Atticus who will live there and hopefully find a room mate for the spare bedroom.

He’s pretty excited about the future as well and is looking forward to having someone his own age living with him.


* So excited about twin girls!


3 thoughts on “July & August birthdays 4015

  1. Levi Lind is adorable! Such cute big eyes. And Maeve and Vera have such beautiful eye colors. Congrats to Martha and Theresa; I am interested to see how Jonathan does with all these adjustments and hope he’ll be happy. It worked out nicely for Atticus to get the house!

  2. Nice that Atticus gets the house! And yay that Martha and Theresa live together now! (I keep spelling Teresa like this because it’s my Moms name.) I’m so excited for Emily with twin girls, and I LOVE the name Vera! I was struck between Vera and Irina for Peter and Elise. ❤ Too sweet. I can't wait to see them age up, and see how their siblings do meeting them.

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