January birthdays 4016

For Amara Dalisay this year means big things – she will be moving up to high school and is finally allowed to hang out at the youth center downtown.

It’s been her dream for a while now, ever since she realized they have all sorts of music equipment there. She wants to learn to play the bass and can’t believe her parents keep telling her it’s too expensive.

Riley Smith celebrates his fifth birthday, too, and is thrilled about going with big sister Zoey to school instead of being dropped off at the kindergarten.

Kent Hansen can’t believe he’s turning 60. He’s not feeling 60 and he’s still firmly planted in the baby raising years thanks to his younger wife Emily.

Like Amara Dalisay, Joshua Cox has also been looking forward to this day. He’s got no particular ambition in life just yet but celebrating his 12th birthday still feels like an important thing.

His parents keep saying that he was “just born”, and that he’s still their little Joshie, but he hopes they stop soon with that nonsense. They’d better!

Joshua’s big sister Jean celebrates a pretty huge milestone herself this year.  She graduates from Barchester Academy!

It hasn’t been all sunshine, struggling to perfect her football skills and study for tests at the same time but she’s made it. She graduates with a GPA of 2.7 but feels confident nobody will judge her for it when they hear about her great, future career with the Barchester Bears.

She’s already got a contract with them and will finally be able to join them properly and full time.

Shortly after graduation, she’s managed to find a flat to rent in the middle of Barchester City and since it’s a two bedroom flat, she’s asked her best friend Kitty to share the housing with her.

Kitty Ebadi has also recently graduated and has talked her way into a position as a librarian at Barchester public library, a few blocks from where they live.

Ada is exhausted. Exhausted from worrying about this spontaneous pregnancy that feels like it was impossible to begin with given her age, exhausted from handling Selma on top of her back pains and headache.

She knows she’s not the first woman to feel this way or have babies late in life, but it still feels overwhelming at times.

Luckily, it’s worth it when she sees the look on Simon’s face every time he can feel the baby kick. Secretly, she assumes, he hopes for a boy but will be thrilled with any healthy little baby. She’s due in late May/early June, roughly 13 months or so after Selma was born. And then, she swears to herself, she will find a good and stable method of preventing more accidents and keep at it until she’s completely sure her fertile years are over.


* I think Joshua is adorable! And I love how Amara turned out, too. Always nice to age up kids that look good as teens, LOL. 🙂


3 thoughts on “January birthdays 4016

  1. Josh and Amara are really cute, they have very distinctive looks and great features. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the high school setting. LOL on the their little joshie! Haha! Jean looks great, and I’m glad things are going well for her too. Can’t believe that Ada is having another baby! I can’t wait to see what they have! Kent looks great, I really like that hair that you picked for him.

  2. I’m sure Josh would hate me saying this…but he really is adorable! I can’t wait to see him and Amara in their new lives in high school. I’m usually pretty happy with my teen age-ups – it’s the toddler and child age-ups that can be a bit iffy!

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