January birthdays 4016

For Amara Dalisay this year means big things – she will be moving up to high school and is finally allowed to hang out at the youth center downtown.
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ABC (Barchester Acedemy update, autumn 4015)

September 4015
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High school studentsJanessa CoxKirsten Cousland, Imogen Jacobsen, Jonathan Ceder

Elementary school students (ages 8 and up)Joshua CoxAmara DalisaySamuel Hansen, Sienna Hansen, Evelyn Cousland, Ella Hiller, Rhys Hiller, Christopher Cousland, Novak Dalisay

Elementary school students & pre-schoolers (ages 5-7): Zoey Smith, Ruby Hiller, Isaiah Gavigan, Joanna Cox, Enid Dalisay, Ethel Dalisay

The season is here and school has started once more. In Barchester, the kids gather to get started on their homework and classes.
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