The Hansen family


Kent Hansen married to Emily Hansen

The Hiller family

Clara Hiller divorced from Kent Hansen
Sienna Hansen
Samuel Hansen

Thom Hiller married to Kiera Hiller
Ella Hiller
Rhys Hiller
Ruby Hiller

The Cousland family

Edward Cousland married to Ada Cousland
Kirsten Cousland
Evelyn Cousland
Christopher Cousland


Josephine Jacobsen (Cousland) married to Timothy Jacobsen
Imogen Cousland (with NPC Dennis Karlén)
Leonard Jacobsen

The Wester family

Martha Wester married to Moe Wester-Lindh
Juno Wester
August Wester
Atticus Wester

The Cox family

Cindy Cox married to Eric Cox
Jean Cox
Janessa Cox
Joshua Cox

The Smith family

Michael Smith married to Sarah Smith
Zoey Smith
Riley Smith


The Dalisay family

Benjamin Dalisay  married to Susan Dalisay

Benjamin’s child from previous marriage:
Mireia Dalisay

Benjamin’s children with Petra Lind:
Amara Dalisay
Novak Dalisay

Benjamin’s children with Susan Dalisay:
Ethel Dalisay
Enid Dalisay

The Lind family

Petra Lind married to Rutger Lind
Antonia Lind