All that she wants

July 4015

Kent Hansen is 59, Emily Hansen is 39, Samuel Hansen is 10, Sienna Hansen is 10
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It’s been a long pregnancy.

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April & May birthdays 4015

Thom and Kiera Hiller welcome their fifth child on a rainy spring day. It’s a little boy and they decide to name him Tobin.

Everything goes smoothly and for a brief moment there in the delivery room when everything’s over, Kiera can almost imagine having another child, despite having had a rough pregnancy, but she knows she won’t. Five kids are a lot to handle and they are done. Definitely, finally done.
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Plan ahead

March 4015
Martha Wester is 53, Atticus Wester is 19
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He’s felt pretty frustrated for the past year or so.

Stuck, in a way. Even though he isn’t. His mum keeps telling him how fortunate he is and how much money he has to start out with – she’s right, he just needs to talk to Jean for a bit to feel ashamed of his whining – and how she’ll transfer the ownership of the family bakery to him in just a few years.
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