Ada Cousland


Name: Ada Cousland
Date of birth: N/A
Current age: 48 (4017)

Date of death: N/A
Partner: widow (Edward Cousland), re-married to Simon Cousland
Children: Kirsten Cousland, Evelyn Cousland, Christopher Cousland, Selma Cousland, Sophia Cousland

Job: marine biologist
Previous employment:
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Family
Lifetime want:

Biggest fear:

Romantic History:Edward Cousland (married in 4002 and until his death)
First kiss:
First partner:
Number of partners:

Notable friendships: after a rocky start, she’s become good friends with Edward’s daughter Josephine and with Josephine’s circle of friends.
Other important events: During a rough time in her life, Ada had an affair with her friend Clara’s boyfriend Simon – that affair led to a surprise pregnancy (Selma) and later on a marriage and yet another daughter.

Previous photos:


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