August Wester

: August Wester
Date of birth: N/A 
Current age: 21 (4015)
Date of death: 
Parents: Martha Wester, Moe Wester-Lindh
Siblings: Juno Wester, Atticus Wester
Partner: dating

Job: owns and runs Geek and Sundry
Previous employment:
Education: high school graudate
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: Fortune/Family
Lifetime want: Make 100 000 simoleons

Personality: kind, sensitive, restless, perfectionist.
Biggest fear: to be rejected — he’s got a pretty big inferiority complex going on and keeps thinking others will not consider him good enough.
Hobby: tinkering
Interests: science fiction, computers, games, the whole geeky scene more or less

Romantic History:  Jean Cox (high school girlfriend, broke up during Jean’s second year at uni)
First kiss: Jean Cox
First partner: Jean Cox
Number of partners:

Notable friendships:
Other important events:

Previous photos:



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