Benjamin Dalisay


Name: Benjamin Dalisay
Date of birth: N/A
Current age: 50 (4015)

Date of death: N/A
Partner: Susan Dalisay
Children: Mireia Dalisay, Amara Dalisay, Novak Dalisay, Ethel & Enid Dalisay (twins)

Job: unemployed
Previous employment: assistant at a law firm
Businesses owned:
Aspiration: family
Lifetime want: marry off 6 children

Personality: sloppy, outgoing, lazy, playful, sweet
Biggest fear: to be abandoned
Hobby: arts and crafts
Interests: cooking, sports, painting

Romantic HistoryPetra Lind (ex-wife, separated in 4008 when it turned out Ben had been cheating on her with her friend Theresa Ceder)
First kiss:
First partner:
Number of partners:

Notable friendships:
Other important events:

Previous photos:


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