Ceder family

Theresa Ceder lives in the heart of Barchester City with her son Jonathan. She works as a trauma surgeon and used to be good friends with Petra Dalisay before she slept with Petra’s husband Ben, which quickly ended their friendship. Her history also includes a brief affair with Michael Smith.


Karlén family

Dennis used to live in the same apartment complex as Josephine Jacobsen and accidentally ended up fathering her daughter Imogen. He then, after rising a bit in his career as an actor, met aspiring actress Sonia “Sid” Sanderson. The couple had a brief but torrid affair that led to Sonia giving birth to twins in 4012. She wanted nothing to do with him after that, and Dennis had already met the woman in his life by then – Beatrice Karlén, a hard-working lawyer. The couple married on New Year’s Eve 4012 and now live together in Barchester.



Savoyh family

Simon and Jason Savoyh own a hairdresser salon in Barchester City and reside in the suburbs. Vincent, now all grown up and ready to head out on his own, used to date Mireia Dalisay when they were in high school. They’ve remained friends and he’s also friendly with Mireia’s current boyfriend Corbin. Daughter Vendela is a high school student.

Vincent now lives with his fiancée Vanessa in the outskirts of Barchester (his closest neighbour is Cindy Cox).


Sanderson family

Sonia “Sid” Sanderson, a struggling actress, went to college with Mireia Dalisay who quickly became her best friend. The two of them lived together with her for a while before she ended up pregnant with Dennis Karlén. She’s now a single mother to the twins Oberon and Hermia.