April & May birthdays

Jordan and Linda Cox throws a big party this spring when their first child together, little Nicole, turns a whole year old.
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April 4018
Ada Cousland is 49, Simon Cousland is 47, Kirsten Cousland is 15, Evelyn Cousland is 13, Christopher Cousland is 11, Selma Cousland is 3, Sophia Cousland is 2 (Alvin Futa is 16)
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Kirsten isn’t stupid. She feels that this is something people should know about her, especially now.
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November & December birthdays 4017

It had seemed like an endless pregnancy towards the end of it but four days after her due date, Mireia Olofski was finally ready to give birth to her second child.

She had a smooth delivery this time around and could return home that same night if she wanted to – and she wanted to. So Sylvia never had to wonder much where her mommy and daddy went since they promptly returned home with a baby sister in their arms.

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